Pulpit Rock Church

Internationaler Ideenwettbewerb
gemeinsam mit M.Sc. Frédéric Schnee


Arch. Per Ekenberg
Arch. Kyrre Sundal



A point of reference, a place of rest, silence - a place of communication, meeting, for life. The design combines two central elements in its architectural form. The overlapping of these leads to synergies. It creates spaces that are experienced and revitalized. The design concept is about the relationship between the profane and a sacred space. The profane, in the form of a communal and communicative outdoor observation deck which forms and protects the sacral space on the inside. Through light irradiation, shadow formation and through the movement of the human being, this gap is filled by a lively dynamic. This temporary cubature consists of three zones incised in the landscape, which form viewpoints at different heights and which are arranged in such a way that an undisturbed and protected viewing platform can be created. It is about the maximization of the viewing area and experiencing of architecture and nature, with a variety perspectives into the surroundings. The architecture is stacked horizontally using simple wooden panels with spacers, which create a transparent building envelope, so that a tension between the exterior and the interior can be generated by direct light irradiation. In addition, for a certain time of the year, the geometry of the cross is deformed in a way that its appearance is reflected orthogonally in the shadow of the river valley. The negative cross is the location for the baptistery accessible by a pedestrian bridge. The trail from the baptistery to the wooden chapel can be considered a pilgrimage trail. The floor of Pulpit Rock remains visible on the interior of the chapel. The three slices are spatially perceptible by their different heights inside. One of the two higher areas provides space for the choir / organ and the other for a bell tower. Otherwise, the space remains spartan. Simple benches and an altar made of wood are positioned in such a way that the tension between the inside and the outside remains undisturbed.



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